Body Itches

What does it mean when your nose itches? Your right foot? What about your eye? This week we discover what itches mean, spiritually, and we compile a definitive list of what they really mean.

  1. Right hand – Go on a drive with you lover
  2. Left hand – You want to go on a walk with your lover
  3. Nose – Inside – You will meet a cavern
  4. Nose – Outside – You will meet someone under a bridge
  5. Nose – Left – You will be kissed or killed
  6. Nose – Right – You will be hugged or give birth
  7. Forehead – Someone is thinking of you
  8. Left foot – You will discover Sorrow
  9. Right foot – You will discover Defiance
  10. Right ear – A spider is thinking about you
  11. Left ear – A spider is in your head
  12. Right shoulder – A ghost wants to be your friend
  13. Left shoulder – A ghost wants to be more than friends (a lover)

Did we miss a part that you want to come up with a meaning for? Have you seen Saltburn? Are you worried about Pete? Do you think Aaron ever come home?

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