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Censoring Japanese Content

As Marissa embarks on improv classes, we’ll drop some split episodes, beginning with this look into how some of your favorite Japanese imports were edited for US consumption: video games, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and more. Pete tries a broken icebreaker idea and pronounces his admiration for Raul Julia. Have you […]

Alternative Valentine’s Days and the Price of Roses

Are you looking for an alternative to the commercial suck that is Valentine’s Day? Marissa has you covered! Then Pete tells you why roses spike in price during this season (it’s not THAT obvious). Hear the hosts’ best and worst Valentine’s memories and finally hear the unedited burps of one […]

Florence Lawrence and Gang Stalking

Last episode Marissa introduced the concept of Gang Stalking, which she explains further in this episode. In mistakenly thinking February is Women’s History Month, Pete digs into Hollywood archives and talks about the first movie star, Florence Lawrence, who is a hero for a different reason. The duo also share […]

The Hum and Funny Words

After informally polling three listeners, we’re keeping the f-bombs for this special episode where your hosts are in the same place! Over drinks and cheese, we discuss exes, why some words are funny according to Canadian researhers, maddening accounts of The Hum, and Tru TV’s “I’m Sorry.” Got any secrets […]