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Donkey Kong & Bill and Ted’s video game

The world of classic video gaming is the topical link this week. After Marissa boasts about her new slime acquisitions and unsolicited ASMR videos and the duo shares their favorite part of Fall, they move on to Donkey Kong’s origins and Pete’s trauma related to one of the games. Pete […]

Mercury in Retrograde and Small Talk in Finland

Is your world going haywire because a planet is turning backwards? Are you talking nonsense when you could be more direct? Well we decided to mix in all this stuff, along with cemetery tours, Sandwich Day ecards, and wedding day deal-breakers. Are you Finnish or an astrologer? Tell us in […]

Bobbing for Apples & Candy Tampering

Halloween month continues as Marissa explains the pagan origins of bobbing for apples and Pete tackles candy that could kill you. Count how many times Marissa says goodbye this episode and you could win a prize. Also, both hosts are pretty much, kind of, almost asleep. Have a safe Halloween, […]

Elizabeth Báthory

Marissa reveals the legend of the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Báthory, who really shows us that atrocities cannot be limited to gender. Marissa also slowly falls asleep, Pete suffers some sort of stroke in the plugs segment, and there’s a bonus voicemail clip at the end. We’re scaring you through October, […]