In this episode, we learn that one year olds need their own cakes to do with as they wish and how peer pressure to use digital wallets can ruin (or save) relationships.

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Smash cakes and Venmo

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One thought to “Smash cakes and Venmo”

  1. I hate Venmo too, but I would like to offer another alternative to the methods discussed in this episode; be the cool guy who is like “Venmo? How about Cash? It’s much better than Venmo.” Works for me, at least. l o l.

    Also people who use Venmo to do ANYTHING but send money to friends is dumb and asking for trouble. PayPal protects you by offering two different payment methods; sending to friends and family (which works exactly like Venmo) and sending for payment for goods or services (charges a fee to the person you are sending to, but protects you).

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